"FLEXMODEL" is a versatile and economical rental service provided by Green Box AI Inc. It caters to the needs of small enterprises who want periodic 3D modeling services for their goods. This solution provides the Mid Green Box for on-site use, together with our robust internet infrastructure for the processing and creation of intricate 3D models. FLEXMODEL is an excellent choice for firms who need top-notch modeling without the complications or costs associated with permanent installations. It offers a convenient, high-quality, and cost-effective solution.
Service Hardware/Service/Application
Process Company-Cloud
Business Small Business
Platform Green Box Studio Hardware
Purchase Rent/Buy

"FLEXMODEL" unveils Green Box AI Inc.'s revolutionary rental service, designed specifically for small enterprises who need occasional access to high-end 3D modeling tools, all without the hassle and expense of permanent subscriptions. This cutting-edge service provides a workable, adaptable answer to the problem of making high-quality 3D models of items when there is only an infrequent need for such models and no access to sophisticated equipment.

Summary of Our Services:

Central to "FLEXMODEL" is the Mid Green Box, a smaller but no less powerful replica of our full-scale 3D modeling facility. This equipment is available for rent and gives companies the freedom to shoot high-quality photos of their items whenever and wherever they choose. Our state-of-the-art algorithms analyze the data when the photographs are submitted to Green Box AI Inc.'s powerful web platform. The result is accurate and realistic 3D models.

Notable Characteristics:

  • The Mid Green Box's user-friendly design makes professional 3D modeling accessible to everyone; it is meant to be simple, so anybody can use it with minimum training.
  • Save Money: Our rental solution is designed for occasional users, so there's no need to invest in a permanent 3D modeling setup. It offers considerable savings on both investment and maintenance.
  • Use the state-of-the-art technology offered by Green Box AI Inc. to build models of superior quality. These models will be accurate, detailed, and adaptable, making them ideal for many uses such as internet marketing, virtual catalogs, and more.
  • Processing Your Models Online Has Never Been Easier Thanks to Our Secure Cloud Platform. Via our user-friendly web site, you may access, download, or integrate your 3D models.

Positive Impact on Your Company:

  • The scalability and flexibility of "FLEXMODEL" allow it to meet the changing demands of your organization at any time, whether that's for regular operations or one-off initiatives.
  • Efficient Efficiency: Incorporate a state-of-the-art 3D modeling studio into your existing workspace. By taking care of the logistics, our service frees you to concentrate on getting the greatest shots of your items.
  • A leg up in the competition: If your company has access to state-of-the-art 3D modeling software, you can wow customers with cutting-edge product presentations and provide them with an immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression.
  • You may put all of your energy into growing your company while Green Box AI Inc. takes care of the complicated 3D modeling with their "FLEXMODEL" solution.
Green Box AI Inc.'s "FLEXMODEL" is more than a service; it's a strategic tool that allows small enterprises to easily and economically participate in high-quality 3D modeling. It's our promise to help companies succeed by providing them with access to state-of-the-art technologies.